Can my device run directly from a solar panel?

For the best experience, we recommend using a Sunbatt battery case as a buffer, instead of charging directly from the sun, for the following reasons:

  • Heat and batteries are enemies. Precision electronics don't like heat either. When charging directly from solar, care should be taken to keep the device with the battery in the shade. The heat will lower the life of the battery.
  • You might not want to sit out in the heat of the sun, if you need to use your phone while it charges. Battery lets you move anywhere.
  • You use your phone during the day and charge at night. Solar doesn't work at night, but batteries work anytime.

How long does charging take?

  • The charging time will be difference base on solar bag power, sunshine and power bank or mobile phone capacity etc.
  • Generally speaking, for 6.5W solar charger, under clear sunny days, charging iPhone 5, the time is around 2 -3 hours, the charging time similar to AC charger.

How long can I get best performance from the solar bag?

You should ensure the solar charger is outside in direct sunlight and that the solar panel is in no way shaded. For best performance, the solar panel should be perpendicular to the sun.