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High efficiency flexible solar panel.

High efficiency flexible solar module adopts the highest efficiency cell in the world from USA. With efficiency up to 20% or highter, which enable 25-30% higher power generation than the conventional PV modules at the same size. 

By adopting the back contact technique, the cell can be coated with the flexible materials and finally forms the high efficiency flexible solar panel. This solar panel can be widely used in the RV car, boat, electric golf car, patrol car, travel tourism car, yacht, roof power generation, tent and so on.


Technical Specifications

  • Parameters type: HJ100-12M, Monocrystalline  SUNPOWER.
  • Maximum power (Watt): 100W
  • Production tolerance: -1(Maximum power can be 110 Watts)
  • Maximum power voltage: 18.0±0.3V
  • Maximum power current: 5.8A
  • Open circuit voltage V: 21.28V
  • Short circuit current A: 6.5A
  • Size of module (WXH)1050x540
  • Number of cells: 32PCS
  • Size of cells (WXH): 125x125mm, Monocrystalline.
  • Weight per piece Kg: 2.5KGS 
  • Temperature coefficient of Isc: ±0.05%°C
  • Temperature coefficient of Voc: -0.33%°C
  • Temperature coefficient of power): -0.23%°C
  • NOCT (nominal operating cell temperature): 45°C (±°C)